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Is internet security in danger? These social website list collects my personal data


Have you read any privacy policy of a software or a website completely? No, Right? Not every privacy policy agreement supports your decision. They may even ask you if they can collect your personal data. Collecting personal information doesn’t mean that they are going to misuse it. They may even collect your data to improve your user experience and ad preferences. Guess what? They can even collect that info without the internet. So here are social website list collects my personal data.

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google logo

Google is a massive tech company in india and all over the world that each one of us has used at least once in our lifetime. Do you know that your personal data is being collected every now and then? Have you noticed that when you browse any products on any online shopping store and when you quit the store, you see the exact product on all the other website ads? This is because you are being tracked by Google and your IP address is the tool that helps them track you.

How is that possible to track my data and know what is my ip location without internet?

They can track your location using google map timeline. It shows an accurate detail about your location for past month using your phone. You cannot turn off the location history. If you turn off the settings, It will turn off the feature for all the Google services associated with that account.

Even if you clear all the browser cookies on google chrome, It will not clear the google authentication cookies thus allowing Google to track you all the time.


facebook logo

Facebook is an all-time dominant social media website with almost 2.01 billion users and 1.44 billion active users. So how do they manage to run such a huge social media site without charging you any fee?

They earn their income through ads. Since the FB has huge data and demographics of the people, Many companies and entrepreneurs post their paid ads on Facebook.

How does facebook collect your data?

  • When you create an account and you fill in your personal details. They show you relevant ads that match your profile.
  • Any games or mobile apps that you use are a gateway for facebook to track your details. Even if you remove the app from your profile, FB continues to track you.

Facebook has filed a patent in 2017 about a technology that uses the strength of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, and near-field communication (NFC, or the technology used for digital payment apps) to find your current location as an alternative to GPS and they have also implemented a method to obtain the demographics using the latest photographs and video. These features can even show you whom you’re staying with and what products you are interested in.


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Is online shopping good or bad? comment below

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping platforms with net sales increasing 29 percent to $56.6 billion as of 2018. They make use of big data analysis to track the behavior of their website visitors. They make an offer and relevant deals using the data they collect which in turn increased their average sale by 25% in a year. Once a purchase is done from Amazon, they have your email address, phone number, and billing address. This Information is more than enough for them to track you through social media websites and make a retargeted campaign.

Tips to save your privacy:

Social Media

privacy on facebook and other social media website can be reviewed and edited after reading their privacy policy. By default your privacy on the internet are accessible by the third party applications. So make sure you opt out using the settings.

Online data storage

Your private data and documents should not be stored in online data storage technologies like Google Drive and Dropbox. If it is mandatory to store the data online, then make sure go through their privacy policy thoroughly.

Messaging app

Use end to end encrypted mobile messaging app on android and IOS, like Whatsapp. Facebook messenger, Telegram and are not end-to-end encrypted by default, you may have to start a secret chat manually.

Strong password

One can easily hack your account if it is not strong. Having a weak password is like directly providing your account details to the strangers. Here are some of the traits of a strong password

  • A strong password has 12 characters or more.
  • Include numbers in the password
  • Include both upper case as well as lower case
  • Some website may even ask you to add symbols in your password.
  • Use different password for different website

I know it is difficult to manage too many passwords. Use a password manager to protect all your password under one roof. All you have to do is to remember a single password. passwords on iphone can be secured using the an in-built notes application.


Be careful when you connect to an unknown wi-fi network. Especially the public wi-fi network does not have a traffic encryption system. That makes everyone on that wifi-network to access your traffic. To overcome this problem, use a good VPN(Virtual Private Network) service.

Ufff! I know how you feel after reading this article. Once you are on the internet, You should never say that your privacy is safe. Make sure you read the privacy policy before agreeing to use any software. Happy web surfing 😉

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