Big data is watching you

Is internet security in danger? These social website list collects my personal data

Have you read any privacy policy of a software or a website completely? No, Right? Not every privacy policy agreement supports your decision. They may even ask you if they can collect your personal data. Collecting personal information doesn’t mean…

best gaming setup

Build Gaming Pc with Amazing Features Using a simple Plugin

1967 was the year when the first game prototype was made. As the technology grew up, the features and consoles for the game also advanced. Things have changed a lot in these few decades in the gaming industry. Guess what?…

Best app to earn more money

7 Android + Ios App That Makes You Super Productive

Everything you do in the beginning seems to be very tough, No matter what task it is, It takes time for you to become a professional and Productive. What does productivity mean? It is the ability to produce a result,…